About Us

Plain and Simple

We help individuals and business owners get higher credit scores.


CreditReps is a collective of individuals who aim to help you repair your credit and have had their share of serious debt from college loans, credit card debt or bad loans. 

Our Chief Editor and Founder, James Williams, is one of those people. He was being held back from getting a business line of credit because he couldn’t make a personal guarantee (back in 2012).

You can say “Hi”or get help with your credit/business funding needs from him via email at [email protected]

So, he focused on building his credit for the following 12 months. His personal credit went from a 550 to a 670 in 9 months. We have similar stories throughout the team.

Our Co-Founder, RJ Bryan, has had a similar experience. The two got together and created CreditReps.com