What’s The Best Credit Repair Law Firm: Lexington Law

One of the best options available out there is Lexington Law. They are considered to be the best law firms for credit repair.

What Is a Credit Repair Law Firm?

A credit repair law firm is a company that helps individuals with their credit scores and credit reports.


These companies are given access to financial information, then they help them reduce debt and improve their credit score over time.

This law firm helps clients by legally disputing negative items on the credit reports. This could be anything from late payments, collections, and bogus charges.

For years, credit repair firms like Lexington Law has been helping their clients with these services, and they have been getting impressive results.

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What Does The Best Law Firm Service To Repair Credit Provide?

There is a lot of information about credit repair companies. Still, a lot of people aren't actually familiar with the services that are offered.

Let’s take a look at what the best credit repair companies do and do not do:

  • Will not delete information from your report: The best credit repair firms will not delete or hide financial information on your report. Not only is this illegal, but this is almost always impossible to achieve. Be aware of companies that offer these services. 
  • Charge for repair services after they are done: There are a lot of scams out there that try to take advantage of people who are looking for help with their credit scores. One of the tell-tale signs that you are working with a legitimate credit repair company is if they only charge after their services have been applied to your score.
  • Inform you of your right: There is nothing that a credit repair company can do that you cannot do yourself. This is not only a fact, but it is actually legally required for clients to know this before getting involved with a credit repair company. A good credit repair firm will tell you this information from the start.
  • Discourage creating new credit identity: The best credit repair companies will discourage their clients from creating new credit identities.This will not solve your credit report problems, and in fact, this could actually hinder your credit report even more.

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Best Credit Repair Law Firm



A law firm specializing in credit repair can offer a lot for their clients. Finding the right one can be difficult, there aren't many.A lot of companies claim they can magically fix your credit scores, but only a few can actually deliver.

The best credit repair law firm that you can avail is Lexington Law.

Not only are they known for their transparency and their services, they offer something that most companies cannot, legitimate results.

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Is Lexington Law Good For Credit Repair?

Yes, Lexington Law is a good credit repair company. They have provide it millions of times throughout the years. Give them time and you'll get your credit score increased. You can call them for a free consultation here: (833) 838-5600

How Much Does Lexington Law Cost Per Month?

There are 3 monthly price packages:

  1. $89.95/ per month
  2. $109.95/ per month 
  3. $129.95/per month

Is Lexington law a reputable company?

Yes, they are a reputable company. Lexington Law isn't just a company, it is a law firm so their business practices are set at a higher standard than most credit repair services.

How successful is Lexington Law?

They have an average of 10 items removed (from millions of clients). They track all results and keep you updated regularly.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Credit Repair Law Firm:

See more: Lexington Law FAQs 

Law Firm Credit Repair
  • Lexington Law Firm Credit Repair Services


  • Lexington Law Creditor Intervention: Lexington Law will contact lenders for you, challenging any reported errors or asking them to verify any questionable information.
  • Inquiry Assist: Your credit score can take a hit when creditors check your record. Inquiry Assist gives you legal tools to fight back against unfair credit score damage.
  • Report Watch. Lexington Law’s attorneys will give you coaching and advice on how to combat errors and damaging information on your credit report, as it happens.
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