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Imagine watching your vehicle being towed away, not because it was parked at the wrong spot but because it is being repossessed as you have defaulted on your auto loan. 

This gets reported to the consumer credit bureaus and can live on your report for up to seven years.

So, can Lexington law remove a repo? Yes, they can help with all disputes.

Still each case is different so give them a call for free consultationsee links below or watch our review at the bottom of the page.

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Can Lexington Law Remove a Repo

Can Lexington Law Remove a Repo?

By the time the default from the repo gets reported to the bureau, it is quite likely that the creditor has taken full possession of your vehicle. 

At this point, having a negotiation with the creditor is pointless. There isn't anything you can do so that the creditor will remove the negative inquiry from your credit report.

This is where having a credit repair such as Lexington law will be useful to remove a repo from your credit report before its date of expiration.

Filing a dispute in a credit report could potentially allow you to remove an unsubstantiated or an erroneous repo mark from your credit report.

That being said, credit repair is not necessarily a guarantee. This does not mean that you yourself cannot file a dispute in a credit report.

It is very unlikely that the average joe has the knowledge or expertise that a credit repair company possesses. The chances of success in such a situation are much higher if you hand this issue over to Lexington law.

It could be a possibility that a credit report may not even be an option, or it may have failed to result in the removal. The only realistic option is to wait.

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What to Do When Credit Report Is Not an Option?

A majority of the negative credit report items, which include repo and defaults, may naturally disappear from the report after about seven years to 10 years.

That being said, the negative impact from the repo to your credit score will not necessarily last through the entire seven years.

You will find that credit score models, such as FICO or VantageScore, will usually give more importance to the newer items on a credit report.

 So, the older items that factor in the calculations of your credit score will typically be lesser as they age.

One of the best ways you will be able to minimize the harsh impact of the repo on your credit score is by ensuring that everything else on the score profile looks as amazing as it possibly can.

Defaulted loans, by which the repo occurred, falls under the payment history portion of a FICO score. This will make up about 35% of the score.

When you have more positive payment history, it will drag down the score due to the impact of the repo.

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Can Lexington law remove repossessions? The answer could potentially be a yes.

While there is no guarantee that they will do so, the chances of them being successful is quite high due to their solid expertise and knowledge in this area.

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