Can Lexington Law Remove Evictions?

When we were younger, many of us tend to be irresponsible about our lease agreements on our apartments. Then, there are times when we may have been evicted for no fault of our own.

Whatever the reason may be, prior evictions have a way to come back and haunt us in the future, especially when we want to lease a new apartment.

So, can Lexington law remove evictions? You can ask them here and they will assist you

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Can Lexington Law Remove Evictions

Different Types of Evictions

Evictions are typically categorized on the basis of the reason behind it. In most places, the landlord is required to give the tenant a written notice that is appropriate for the type of eviction.

This form of notice and the amount of notice, which is the number of days to move or to respond, differs by state. Some of the reasons for eviction include:

  • Failure to pay rent

This is a common reason for eviction. The tenant will typically receive either a Notice to Pay, and if he/she does not pay heed to that, then the next is a Quit Notice. Upon receiving the latter, the tenant has to vacate the premises within three to five days or pay the outstanding balance right away.

  • Violating the lease’s terms

This typically happens when the tenant had done something that they had specifically agreed not to do when they rented the apartment. These may include letting another person move in without prior permission, making excessive noise, and so on.

In such cases, the tenant is given a certain amount of time to fix this issue, or they have to face eviction.

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  • Unlawful or destructive behavior

If the tenant does excessive damage to the apartment or is conducting some illegal activities inside the premises, then they are likely to receive an Unconditional Quit Notice from their landlord.

This is a kind of notice that requires the tenant to vacate the premises in a certain time, and they have no opportunity to fix the issue.

  • No cause

This will typically happen when the landlord needs you to move out of their premises or if you have a month-to-month lease. In such cases, they aren’t entitled to give a reason, as long as they do not discriminate. In such cases, the tenant gets either a 30-day or a 60-day Notice to Vacate.

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Impact of Eviction on Credit Report

Evictions can easily show up on your rental background checks if it is done by the landlord.

They appear on the report about 30 to 60 days following an issued judgment and, in most states, will stay on public record for up to seven years before its deleted.

Unfortunately, incidents like these become a major red flag for future apartment search.



Can Lexington Law Remove Evictions?

Lexington law can help you with this issue, they can remove evictions from your credit report once they find that it was an error or past due.

You can also remove evictions from your credit report by waiting for seven years and letting it lapse from your report and rental history. Chances are you need these changes done asap and Lexington Law will help.

In certain states, you can possibly file for an expungement in order to remove such evictions from your records. However, this is quite difficult too.

In order to offset the damaging effects of an eviction, you will need to rebuild your credit by paying off your debts, limiting the number of your credit inquiries, and by keeping your balances low.

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Can Lexington Law Remove Evictions


Can Lexington law remove evictions? Depends on the situation, give them a call and they will assist you 🙂 833-838-5600… Good Luck!

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