Can Lexington Law Remove Medical Bills? Disputing Medical Debt

How do unpaid medical bills affect your credit score?

Can Lexington law remove medical bills? These are just a few of the things one has to deal with after being hospitalized.

Medical bills are capable of causing yet another heart attack after saving one.

It is known to everyone that a major part of the population in the United States have unpaid medical debts and are struggling to pay them off.

In fact, medical bills are also the largest factor for people to declare bankruptcy.

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Do Medical Bills Affect Your Credit Score?

The upside of this whole sad situation is that these bills have the ability to only affect your credit score if it is sent to a collection agency.

On the other hand, the downside is that there is no possible way to find out the duration that the medical provider takes to send these bills to those agencies.

That being said, there is some respite as the new rules that have been implemented by the credit bureaus help to make this process more transparent to the consumer once they have been informed of the debt.

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Can Lexington Law Remove Medical Bills

Can Lexington Law Remove Medical Bills?

When it comes to high medical debt, there isn’t exactly an easy solution. Even if you do have health insurance, medical care can easily rack up high costs, especially when it is an emergency.

Choosing between not getting healthy and incurring high amounts of debt, you are most likely going to choose the latter, which is why this has become a thorn in many Americans’ sides.

There is not a guarantee that Lexington law will be able to do to remove those medical bills but they can look into your inquiry.

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3 Options to Deal with Medical Debt

Before you begin to panic about this, know that you are not the only one.

This is a situation that everyone is well aware of and is sympathetic to, which means that there are a couple of options for you to get back on track. Let’s discuss them briefly below:

1. Check All the Charges

Before doing anything drastic, such as taking short-term loans to pay off the bills or filing for bankruptcy, it is important to see whether all the charges on the bill are correct.

You may think that this is unlikely, but there are mistakes made a countless number of times.

It is unlikely that there will be massive mistakes, but even the little things can add up. For instance, your bill might indicate that you were administered with a particularly expensive drug, but in reality, you weren’t.

Need to clean up errors on your credit report? Click here to use this form to ask a creditor to take the necessary steps in order to clear up errors on your credit report.

2. Negotiate

Lexington may assist you with this. We have this misconception that the medical bills are set in stone.

However, that is not true. What do we mean by this?

Medical industry professionals, whether your insurance provider or your doctor, are willing to haggle and discuss over the medical bills, but you can’t just call and ask them to lower it.

You will need to do some research online, find costs, and compare them to the ones mentioned in your bill.

3. Act Right Away

Medical bills do not just vanish, and putting it off does more harm than good.

So, the minute you receive your medical bill, you need to act right away. By this we mean putting together a plan that includes reviewing your bill, speaking to the insurance company, and so on.

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Can Lexington law remove medical bills? Yes, they do have the power to help. If you act right away and follow the tricks and tips that we have mentioned above, it will certainly prove to be beneficial.

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