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Seeking help with your credit repair efforts?

Checking The Credit Repair People Reviews is a great decision. Keep that momentum! We’ve all been there. 

Well, at least if you are over 25, have had some schooling and are married or at least thinking about marriage. 

I digress.

We’ve all been ready to take steps towards better credit. We’ve been denied some sort of loan or we already know we will be denied because of our credit score.

I once had a 500 and couldn’t get a mortgage. Especially not one with a reasonable interest rate.

The Credit People Review: Things To Consider 

The Credit People can help. This Credit People review is to see if they can help you! When hiring any credit repair company keep your goals in mind. 

Are you trying to get a car loan?  Remove an eviction? Maybe it’s time to buy a house, another investment property or you need a car loan. 

These are all great reasons to fix your credit ASAP. That way you know if you need to go from a 550 credit score to a 580 (you can get a few lenders to help you out at 580)

A not-so-great reason to hire a credit repair company is that you have a 720 but a 725 would be nice to look at… 

if that’s the case, you probably don’t want to spend your money on The Credit People Cost.

If you’re trying to make these changes quickly, and spend your personal time on things you already know then The Credit People, or services like it, maybe right for you. 

Get To Know The Credit People

The Credit People is a credit repair company that has been around for about 15 years. Their services have popped to the top of the industry because of their prices, guarantee, and service. 

They’ve assisted over 100,000 people in fixing their credit and The Credit People offer a flat fee & a monthly membership. 

That’s not what makes them different though. What stands out the most is their guarantee. Along with the awesome design on their site.

They guarantee your money back if you do not see results in 60 days. That is a rarity in the credit repair industry. 

There are so many variables that come into play that it is often time difficult to guarantee anything when it comes to credit repair. 

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The Credit People Mascots

In their words: “Hiring The Credit People to improve your credit is like having a highly trained swat team on your side. (Except our swat team greets you with a smile and keeps everything simple.)”

The flat rate is great for those who don’t need continuous help or people who don’t monthly payments. You just want to pay for a service and leave it be. 

That’s an awesome option. 

The monthly fee are for those who need a lot of work done and people are constantly making big purchases or using their credit as leverage.

Pros and Cons

  • Unbeatable Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 19 Bucks to Start
  • Score Driven Results
  • Team Appointed (Not Individual Coach)
  • Limited Payment Options

Features and Benefits Of Working With Credit People

Now for the bread and butter. The Credit People have a bunch of features than make them a fukk service credit repair company (and one of the best).

Free Consultation Call

Give them a call with all your questions for a total of $0. You don’t pay until they begin taking action. Simple as can be.

Score Driven Results

Here is another feature that makes The Credit People stand out from the rest of the top credit services.

Not only do they dispute negative items and correcting bad information. 

They focus on raising your credit score outside of the “negative challenge” scope.

Its a term they've coined themselves, so call them up and ask what they can do for you!

Cancel Service at Anytime

This is not a marriage. You can leave at any time you feel you aren’t satisfied with their services.

Free Credit Score and Reports 

You start off on a clean slate with The Credit People team.

You speak, they listen and then they take action providing a free report along the way. 

Top Notch Credit Reports 

They’ve got your back if you need a credit check at anytime, referral letters.

If you need employer assistance, recommendations, etc.  They take care of it all for you.

19 Bucks to Start 

No need to come out of your pocket in a huge way to begin working with The Credit People. $19 is a pretty competitive beginners fee compared to others like CreditRepair.com

An Unbeatable Satisfaction Guarantee: 

As we mentioned above, their guarantee is what really makes this credit repair service stand out.

If you aren’t happy, you can stop services at anytime.

To add icing on the cake, they will refund your last month’s payment.

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Call The Credit People For Free Consultation & Tips


What Happens When You SignUp with The Credit People?

  1. You get a welcome email and phone call from The Credit People®.
  2. They provide you with a personal and secure online account to keep track of the credit repair process
  3. From there, you'll see your credit reports and starting credit scores from all three credit bureaus ( TransUnion, Experian and Equifax )
  4. They say you'll begin seeing credit improvements in less than 60 days (Yay!)
  5. Your credit report and score improvements will progress throughout the duration of your service (you'll watch it all happen through your online account).
  6. In the end, you will visibly see your credit report, turn into a better credit report. The Credit People will also give you a future plan to help you maintain your improved credit and show you how to continuously raise your credit score.
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What Can The Credit People Do For You?​​​​​​

TheCreditpeople.com stand by their processes and guarantee results. But, what do they do? How does it all work? Here are a few questions and answers that may help you figure out your next move. Let’s start with one of the more pressing and overlapping questions of them all.

Can they remove inquired from your credit?

Yes, The Credit People can handle removing inquiries. Removing inquiries is actually one of the easiest things to do when it come to credit repair. Those inquiries don’t really last too long on your report but you may need to move your score just a few points to get approved.

If that’s the case you can simply tell your reps (because they usually handle removing these later in the process). 

Also, you may notice that I wrote ’reps’. That’s because you will be assigned a team, usually of three credit people working on fixing your credit. 

Can The Credit People Remove Late Payments and Collections?

Yes, on both counts! 

They have a strong track record of removing all types of late payments from 30-120 days late. And, as far as collections, they also recommend a debt negotiation service that handles debt and collections. 

What Negative Items Can TheyRemove?

  • Late Payments
  • Charge Offs
  • Foreclosures
  • Judgments
  • Repossessions
  • Personal Identification changed or corrected
  • Closed Accounts
  • Bankruptcies
  • Negative Settlements
  • Liens
  • Collection

How Long Does Their Credit Repair Services Take?

Their customers, on average, see changes in 45-60 days.

Like most reputable credit repair services you can’t say how quickly it will be but this is pretty quick. Not to mention they have their guarantee attached to that, so if you don’t like it, you can leave. 

Still, there are no promises made. There is no way to tell how the credit bureaus will respond. Every credit report is different so there is no telling of averages. 

One action, let’s say a dispute letter, can move  you from 520 to 580. That same dispute letter can move another person from a 520 to a 620.

You just never know. 

As the CreditReps, trust, if someone tells you differently, don’t trust them.  

Does The Credit People Remove Student Loans?

This is a common question that all credit repair companies get asked. So let’s be very clear. 

  1. No, student loans cant be removed.
  2. Yes, they can remove student loan late payments. Student loans themselves will not be settled.

Can The Credit People Remove Bankruptcy from your credit report?

Is it possible, yes, but getting a bankruptcy removed has a low success rate. It doesn’t hurt your credit score to try to get it removed though. So, give them a call and see what you can expect from your team.

The credit people so claim “Our service has been known to remove them with an impressive 30% success rate with past customers.”

How About Foreclosures, Can They Remove Those?

Yup, in fact, this is what they had to say in the matter: “Yes, foreclosures can be removed. Although they are very difficult, we again take every step possible to do so.”

What Can The Credit People Do About Removing Repossessions?

They can remove a repo but they also have had experiences where they weren’t able to move the needle. That what we gather from the reviews on credit people and their own statements:

”Yes, our proven methods of dispute can remove repossessions. Repossessions are difficult to remove, so the percentage of removals would not be as high as a simple late payment for example.

However, there is no action step or approach that we won't take.”

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Alternative Credit Repair Companies Reviews

In true CreditReps fashion, here are a few credit repair services that may peek your interest if this Credit People review doesn't tickle your fancy

Lexington Law vs TheCreditPeople.com

Let's start with an industry favorite- its actually known as one of the top 10 credit repair law firms.

The most obvious difference here is that, with The Credit People, your credit repair isn't handled by attorneys. That can be a pro or con, totally based on preference. There is nothing in the law that says that having a law degree makes you a better credit repair service. 

But they can come in handy with those formal documents. We assume they are a bit more strict (thats a strong assumption) Want to see know about the law firm that does credit repair you can check out "How Does Lexington Law work"?

Lexington Law vs The Credit People Cost

Lexington law

The Credit People

$79 per month

$89.95 per month

5/5 (2 Reviews)
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