Credit Sesame Review: Is it Right for You? Legit Free Credit Analysis

After a job layoff and several unexpected bills, I found myself struggling under the weight of my debt.

Thankfully, I found a new job within two months, but even with that small amount of unemployed time, recovering from that financial mess was stressful and overwhelming. I spent months just trying to stay afloat but struggling under the weight of the debt I accrued.

Months later, I learned about credit monitoring sites and spent some time conducting a Credit Sesame review. I recognize how helpful it would have been to use Credit Sesame’s reports.  

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credit sesame review 2019

Things to Consider Before Using Credit Sesame

Whether you are looking to monitor your credit profile, improve your credit, reduce debt, or get recommendations for credit cards and loans, Credit Sesame is a platform that can be beneficial to most people.

While it is a good option for most people, it would not be very beneficial to people who have a near perfect credit score with a good handle on financial processes, or for people who are not interested in working on credit repair.

Because Credit Sesame is free, anyone can sign up for it and explore it’s potential.

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What is Credit Sesame?

While Credit Sesame is a credit monitoring service, they are also a lot more. They offer more services than their competitors, like Credit Karma, while remaining free to their users.

People who use Credit Sesame will have access to free credit scores, credit monitoring, reports, identity theft protection which includes $50,000 of identity theft insurance.

Credit Sesame uses the VantageScore model, one of only two scoring models lenders rely on. While most vendors still use the FICO score, the VantageScore model is usually close to the FICO score.

Pros of Credit Sesame

  1. Free credit score and credit monitoring. When they say free, they mean free. There is no trial period or any surprise charges.
  2. Credit score updates once a month.
  3. Finance tools. Credit Sesame offers free credit report analysis, credit report cards, and credit monitoring with real-time alerts to identify any suspicious activity on your account.

Cons of Credit Sesame

There are not many cons to Credit Sesame. There are only two main ones I have seen in reviews.

  1. They use VantageScore to get their credit report instead of FICO. Since most lenders still use FICO, the score can be slightly different.
  2. Their competitor, Credit Karma, offers free federal and state tax returns.

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Free Features of Credit Sesame

While the main features of Credit Sesame are ]free credit, there is an option to add premium services for even more coverage.

For most people, the free account is plenty; however, if someone wants more, there are premium services. Here is a breakdown of all of its free services, followed by a list of their premium services.  

credit sesame review 2017

Manage Loans and Credit in One Place

Every month, Credit Sesame will pull your credit information and give you an updated credit score for free. You are also able to access information about your loans and credit cards, which helps you stay in control of your finances.

Your Finances Over Time

Measure your improvements in Credit Sesame’s trending charts. You can see your greater financial picture each month by tracking your interest rates, loan payments, credit ratios, and credit score.

Saving Money Each Month

Credit Sesame designs offers based on the results of your credit profile, your financial goals, and overall market conditions. It looks at the options available to you and allows you to choose the best bottom line to save money on home and auto loans, and credit cards.

Secure and Safe

Your privacy is vital to Credit Sesame which is why they use encryption methods that are standard for the industry and all of its security practices are Verisign approved.

Everything is Legitimately Free

Carrying the belief that personal access to your own credit information should be your right, Credit Sesame is 100 perfect free. From personalized recommendations to reports and credit scores, nothing costs money.

Mobile Friendly

Credit Sesame has a mobile app that not only syncs with their website but also offers all of the same tools. If you are working on your computer and need to leave, you can keep up right where you left off with the mobile app. Credit Sesame’s mobile app is iPhone and Android friendly.

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Premium Services

The free services offered by Credit Sesame are extensive, and typically they are enough for a lot of people.

If you need a little more financial analysis or are looking for more financial information, Credit Sesame does have a three-tiered premium service options you can upgrade to if needed or wanted.

The price of the premium plans is still very affordable, and it allows you to pay monthly, or to receive a discount if you pay yearly. Here’s a closer look at each of the three premium services, and their features.

review of credit sesame

Advanced Credit Plan

The first tier is the Advanced Credit Plan. It costs $9.95 monthly or an average of $7.95 a month if you want to pay yearly. On top of offering all of the free services, this option also offers a daily credit score update from one credit bureau, while offering monthly updates and monitoring at all three of the major credit bureaus.  

Pro Credit Plan

The second tier is the Pro Credit Plan. It costs $15.95 a month, or averages to $12.95 a month when billed annually. The Pro Credit Plan offers all of the free and Advance Credit Plan features, but also offers credit monitoring and alerts from all three of the major credit bureaus.

Also, you can round-the-clock access to experts who are available to help you resolve any inaccuracies on your credit report. Even though I don’t care for working late, there are plenty of times when work and family keep me up late, so I appreciate this feature that allows me to connect with someone, even in the middle of the night.

Platinum Protection Plan

The third-tier is their highest package, the Platinum Protection Plan. This plan costs $19.95 if you are paying monthly, or totals only $15.95 a month if you are paying yearly. As usual, the Platinum Protection Plan offers all of the same resources as each of the other paid and free accounts. It also includes identity theft protection services, as well as monitoring services.

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Credit Sesame App Review

While I wasn’t taught much about the importance of credit when I was a kid, it did not take me long as an adult to realize how important it actually is. Your credit will affect so many areas, such as:

  • Buying a car.
  • Renting or purchasing a house.
  • Taking out loans.
  • Applying for credit cards.

If you are responsible with your loans and can show a history of making good credit choices, you will find yourself much more successful in the credit world. Credit Sesame is a great app for helping people achieve financial success, and make sound credit decisions.

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Social Proof

After scouring the internet, I found some reviews from current and previous users. From the consumer affairs website, there are 48 reviews, most of them being happy. Here are a few.

credit sesame review cnn

credit sesame app review 2019

review credit sesame

Credit Sesame Alternatives

While Credit Sesame is unique in some of its features, there are two other companies known for offering similar serves. Here’s a look at Credit Karma and Quizzle. Each of the services are similar but here is a look at the advantages of each case.

Credit Karmacredit sesame vs credit karma

While Credit Karma and Credit Sesame are often compared because of their wealth of similar features and benefits, Credit Karma is different from Credit Sesame in a few ways.

  • Ability to pull up credit scores and reports anytime.
  • Tracks your estimated score based on two different credit bureaus (TransUnion and Experian), instead of just one like other credit monitoring services.
  • Free credit simulator that allows you to look at your financial picture, and then try out different credit situations to see how it will affect your credit score. For example, if you are thinking about taking out a loan or paying off some debt, you can put the information into the credit simulator and see what the outcome is.
  • Free Tax Filing. Beginning in 2016, Credit Karma started offering free federal and state tax filing, and it’s free even for people with small businesses or other investment income.
  • Calculators to figure debt scenarios out. Credit Karma has calculators for home affordability, debt repayment, and amortization.


Quizzle offers a free credit score, and a free credit report every three months. Here are some of the features that it offers which are different from Credit Sesame and Credit Karma:

  • Compare two of your last four credit reports at a time to see why your score changed.
  • Analysis of your credit score with suggestions on how to improve it.
  • Charts and graphs used to illustrate credit score fluctuations over time.
  • Credit Trending tool to track the direction your credit is going as well as the path of your credit utilization, credit score, and available credit.

credit karma alternative


Credit Sesame is an excellent solution for people who want to monitor their credit. Whether you are trying to improve or build your credit, or you just want to take advantage of the insured fraud watch and credit monitoring, Credit Sesame is a platform that does all that and more.

When you sign up for Credit Sesame, you are signing up for a significant number of tools and tips available to you for no cost. You are deciding to put your credit first, to overcome debt hurdles, and to strengthen your credit score for future purposes.

If you want to give Credit Sesame a try, for free, click here to check it out.




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