Dispute Credit Report Online vs Mail: What’s The Difference?

First. Congrats on taking another step towards better credit. You’re another step closer to hearing “Approved”!

We know what a grueling task it can be to be disputing, writing, calling, etc. these letters/forms alone, especially if you aren’t sure what next steps to take. 

Hats Off!

Now, let’s look into how you might go about removing these negative items.

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Dispute Credit Report Online vs Mail

Dispute Credit Report Online vs Mail

It is your right to make sure the information on your credit report is accurate, complete and verified. That includes (to name a few):

So, if you’ve noticed something is inaccurate or been there for over 7 years (or just “fishy”) it's time to take action. Some errors you should questions are:

  1. Accounts that you didn’t open
  2. Incorrect debt amounts on a loan or collection account
  3. Outdated or incorrect personal information

Want Help Removing Items Off Your Credit Report?

Should I dispute credit report online or by mail or call?

Which method you choose is based on effectiveness.

Disputing Credit Errors Online

Of course, the online process can be easier. You can reach the 3 bureaus much faster. 

You can upload all your documents, ID, forms, etc. so you don’t have to wait a week or more for your claims to get noticed. 

Still, oftentimes, the online option don’t cater to your particular need. They are a bunch of fixed options based on generalizations rather than your unique situation. 

And in case you were wondering, filling disputes online does not require you to sign an arbitration agreement.

That all that being said… online disputes have become more popular in the past decade but it is not the most efficient way to challenge items. 

You need all types of proof, especially the date, and there is no guarantee that you will receive an email when an action is taken. 

  • Transunion
  • experian

Online , Call 1-800-916-8800 or mail a dispute letter to
Transunion Consumer Solutions
P.O. Box 2000
Chester, PA 19022-2000

Mailing Dispute Letters

Written dispute letters have been proven to be the best form of credit error disputes. 

You have the will to express your individual situation and represent yourself appropriately. This is why credit experts like the attorneys at Lexington Law (a law firm that does credit repair) write dispute letters for their clients. 

You can make your case by giving the reason behind making the dispute. The downside to challenging an item via mail is that it takes longer (7-10 business days).

Plus, you have to go gather mailing type things like certified stamps and such.

Make Calls to dispute credit errors 

Making calls is the least effective way to handle disputes, but it is the best way to get information from people. 

You may not remember charging something or when something was placed on your report. So, if you don’t have things in writing, email or a receipt of some sort a call might be your best option. 

A simple call can straighten things out so you can go about your day. 

You may get lucky and get more help than you expected (you never know what can happen when you just talk to people)

To be clear, you don’t actually want to challenge items via phone- there is no paper trail there. The phone would just get information for you letters or online forms.

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Want Help Removing Items Off Your Credit Report?

In Conclusion: Dispute credit report online or mail 

There are no consequences of practicing either form of representation. Just make sure all your information is accurate and you should be fine. 

Again, it’s awesome that you are taking these steps. This is not an easy process.

Any information on your credit history that doesn’t properly represent your status (name, address, negative items, etc) needs to be removed asap. 

You don't want your credit to hold you back from moving forward. We this "Dispute Credit Report Online vs Mail or phone" post helps you.

Good Luck.

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