3 Effective Ways: How Do I Get An Eviction Off My Credit Report?

Evictions are an issue that can haunt you for way too long.

Make sure your eviction is actually on your credit report (CR) first. Many people jump the gun once they are evicted and assume it was reported.

An eviction is a non-credit account, so it isn't reported to the three major credit bureaus. 

But, if the eviction is apart of a collection or a judgment, the eviction is reported to the credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). 

It won’t be reported unless your Landlord gets a monetary judgment against for past due rent.

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How Do I Get An Eviction Off My Credit Report

Where Can You Find The Eviction On Docs?

First thing first, the Landlord would have to obtain a civil judgment against you in court. So, you can check public records for that court information and credit reports.

Most people don’t look up court info. The most common place is to look in your credit report under the public records section.

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You can expect to see the eviction to pop up on your report 30 to 60 days after the judgment is made.

How Do I Get An Eviction Off My Credit Report

3 Ways: How to dispute an eviction on credit report

Read over your eviction notice thoroughly to know which type of eviction you were served. Depending on which one you may have some wiggle room like simply offering to pay your debt.

Keep an eye out for these three terms:
  1. Cure or quit evictions are when a renter breaks the lease terms like “plays music too loud” or “removed carpet” (not necessarily in reference to rent payments)
  2. Pay or quit evictions are when you failed to pay your rent on time
  3. Unconditional quit evictions are made under harsh conditions, which usually lead to the renter being asked to leave the property by a certain time.

Catch It Before It Hits Collections

You have a good chance of getting this done if you have a ‘Pay or quit’ and ‘Cure or quit’ eviction.

  1. Communicate with the property manager and let them know you wish to remove a blemish from your credit.
  2. Pay them or work out a payment plan.
  3. When it is paid in full get a letter stating it is paid in full.
  4. Send a letter to credit bureaus asking to mark as paid and current

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Request Reinvestigation

Pull a copy of your CR and Get a copy of your lease: 

Grab a copy of your CR from each of the three major credit agencies. If the eviction is on all three or any of them you should send or have an attorney send a letter on your behalf to each informing them that you are requesting a reinvestigation of the item and removal. 

If they fail to do so after 30 days you should contact an attorney to assist you. 

Get a copy of your lease. See if anything shows that the eviction was unwarranted or unlawful. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) encourages people to send a letter of formal dispute to the consumer reporting company, along with copies of contested documents.

To dispute evictions with the credit reporting agencies you may try out the following:

  • Highlight inaccurate entries and explain everything to the credit reporting agencies with facts.
  • Make all communication under certified mail and you can file an online dispute with the credit reporting agencies.

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How to dispute a false eviction

First, you want to get a copy of the disposition from the court clerk to show that the case was decided in your favor. Then attach a copy of that disposition to a written dispute and send it to each of the credit bureaus. 

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If The Information is True: Can I Remove An Eviction From My CR?

Nope. Unfortunately, evictions are public records. 

They are in the same boat as Tax Liens, Civil Court Judgments, Bankruptcies, and Collections. That’s why its best to catch it/ speak to your landlord or property management before going to collection agencies if you can.

You never know what they can do for you until you ask.

How long do evictions stay on your record 

In most states, an eviction will come off your credit report after seven years

If it doesn’t you can contact the Credit Reporting Agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and file a protest. 

Or, you can pay off your debt or start paying it down. Payment history is a heavy portion of your FICO score. 

Paying the minimum on a debt can be better than not paying at all, depending on the interest. If there is no interest or very little, paying the minimum will work out for you.

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Removing an eviction from your credit report is no impossible but it can be difficult. At the very least it is time-consuming. 

It could take 4 weeks or 6 months, everyone’s situation is different. Remember you can only dispute incorrect information and get all correspondence in writing. 

Good Luck!

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