How To Raise Credit Score From 680 To 720

No credit report is the same and neither is anyone reasoning for wanting a boost. Getting a 40 point boost is reasonable.

Keep in mind that because your credit score is good it won’t be as easy to jump higher as someone with a 500 (bad credit score). 

Like they say “there’s nothing but up from here” 

How to raise credit score from 680 to 720

What Does A 680 Credit Score Mean?

A FICO score of 680 is right on the borderline of fair and good credit. 

Just boosting your score 10 points will get you in the good credit graces (690-719). You’d be considered a low-risk lender to creditors. 

You’d likely be approved for revolving and non-revolving credit lines.

You can expect to get an interest rate of 4.5% on average (on a car loan) and you shouldn’t struggle to find a mortgage. 

So it awesome you are looking to get that 40 point bump. These little tweaks can get you to your goal.

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Want Help Removing Items Off Your Credit Report?

How to Raise Credit score from 680 to 720

Here we are going try two simples ways to raise your score by 40 points. You can use both of these methods or go “all in” on one. 

Make sure you track your credit report so you know what is working and what’s hurting. You may be pressed for time but you need resourcefulness and time to make this happen.

Be Creative With Increase Your Credit Lines 

Do not apply to open a new credit card because that will earn you another hard inquiry, which accounts for 10% of your FICO score. Another inquiry can drop your score 5 points or so. 

You want to add a line of credit without opening a new line of credit. How? 

Kindly ask someone to add you as an authorized user on their credit. This way you have more credit but the same amount of debt, therefore given you a better credit to debt ratio and boosting your score. 

If you have some time and don’t mind taking a small hit you can go to your community banks and credit unions for an installment loan. 

Those smaller banks offer great credit building loans that you can pay off in 3 months (whatever time period you decide, really)

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Remove Delinquencies and Negative Items

Grab your credit report and check for error, once you find them resolve all the derogatory remarks and send out dispute letters (or get someone to do it for you).

Examine your report, specifically the accounts that have unpaid bills or late payments. Any inaccurate information you find can be disputed in a letter to the credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax).

You can mail the Goodwill letters or send it online. 

Once it is been processed it will take a month or two for the agencies to complete an investigation, and then remove certain items (or not).

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Remove all negative items if there are any. Chances are because you have a fairly good credit score already, you won’t have that many so increasing your UTI is ideal. 

Ideal and easy.

Whoever allows you to be one of their credit cards as an authorized user does not need to give anyone sensitive information. They don’t even have to get you any information regarding their card or allow you to use it.

It just shows that you have leverage. Also, ask multiple people. The more the merrier. 

Want Help Removing Items Off Your Credit Report?

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