Ovation Credit Services: Is Their Credit Report Repair For You?

There was a time when my credit score was at an all-time low. I was depressed. I wasn’t able to land my dream job. I got declined to everything that I applied for. Needless to say, I felt helpless and frustrated.

That is until I got an idea to hire credit repair services in one of the articles I was reading online. It turned my life around, and that’s what started me on this journey of reviewing credit repair companies like Ovation Credit Services.

Things To Consider Before Signing Up for Ovation Credit Services

Ovation Credit Services, based out of Jacksonville, is a credit repair company that helps their clients improve their credit score and reach personal goals. Before we move on with this review, though, let me make one thing clear.

This credit repair company is not a scam, nor are they magicians that can miraculously turn your credit score around overnight. It's a science that improves your credit scores with tried-and-tested strategies, focusing on removing erroneous items on your credit record.

Creditors and credit bureaus are run by humans, after all, and humans make mistakes. Hence, there is a huge possibility that there are incorrect items on your records.

The problem is, searching for these items and working with collections agencies to get them removed can take a lot of time and effort. That’s where credit services come in. 

Nonetheless, you can work on improving your credit scores on your own. However:
  • if you don’t have a lot to time to spend working on your documents and communicating with collections, creditors and credit bureaus.
  • You don’t have the energy to spend on accomplishing paperwork.
  • Or, if you simply don’t have the patience to play what seemingly is an endless game of catch and throw with creditors, then, hiring a credit repair company like Ovation by LendingTree can help you out.

Get To Know Ovation Credit Services

Ovation Credit Services is owned by the LendingTree Company and can help you in three different ways:
  1. First is by identifying the errors in your report and correcting them.
  2. Second, by monitoring your credit report to track any changes and making sure that you’re not a victim of identity theft.
  3. Finally, by providing you access to their education center that contains various tools and resources to improve your financial literacy and ensure that you won’t fall into the same credit trap in the future.

Ovation credit services are perfect for those who are searching for a credit repair service that can improve their record, protect them from identity theft and fraud.

Again, all of these services will take some time. If you’re looking for an overnight solution, then Ovation is not for you.

They work with two partners: 
  • TransUnion
  • LendingTree

Pros and Cons Of Ovation Credit Services


  • Ovation provides an easy-to-understand four-step credit repair process.
  • They have a credit repair education center filled with instructional articles.
  • Ovation goes beyond just credit repair. Aside from the education center, they also offer services that protect your information and monitor your credit report. Don’t worry since we are going to talk about their services in more detail later.


  • Their monthly fee ranges from $69 to $99, and that doesn’t count other add-on fees.
  • They won’t be able to provide you with specific details on how long the process can take and how effective it can be in improving your credit score since each case is different every single time.

Anyway, here is a quick peek of their available membership packages: Ovation Credit Services

How Does Ovation Credit Services Work? (Features and Benefits)

We couldn't provide an Ovation Credit services review without breaking down their features and benefits. Here are the features that you will get to enjoy if you do decide to sign up as a member.

Free Credit Consultation:

You will have a chance to talk to a credit analyst who will advise you on the best course to take and answer any query you might have, free of charge. 

This will also help you ultimately decide if the services of Ovation credit services can really help you out.

You can call the phone number above or sign up for your free consultation through their website by providing your name, email address, phone number and zip code. 

This requires no commitment at all, so I honestly recommend that you avail of this service if you’re interested.

Professional Credit Analyst:

Your account is going to be handled personally by a professional credit analyst.

He or she will guide you throughout the entire process of working on your credit score and record disputes.

I really appreciate this feature since it allows me to work with just one person and  build a professional relationship with them.

Personalized Client Dashboard:

The client dashboard will contain all the information that you need including transaction history and account updates.

The Ovation dashboard also has an online dispute manager option that will allow you to mark the reports you believe are inaccurate or erroneous.

In this way, you will personally be able to choose the different dispute options available and work with each of the items with your professional credit analyst.

Unlimited Bureau Disputes:

There are some credit repair services that stipulate a specific number of disputes that you can work on each month, but not Ovation. 

You can mark as many items as you want.

In connection with this feature, they also offer unlimited challenge validation letters and unlimited creditor goodwill letters.

Financial Tools:

Aside from the online dashboard, you'll have access to a variety of tools that help you with budget management, debt payment, and more.

24/7 TransUnion Credit Monitoring:

"It’s good to know that Ovation will update you every time changes occur on your credit report.

Credit Monitoring will determine if identity theft is being committed because unknown changes will be seen and addressed immediately.

It would have been nice, though, if they have mentioned the method on how you are going to receive these notifications.

Are they going to email you? Send you alerts via SMS? Is there a way to customize how you receive your notifications?

Fast-Track Same-Day Service: 

This feature is an add-on option. By getting this feature, you can make sure any issues will be expedited, especially the sending out of dispute letters.

This add-on option is excellent for those who want to speed up the process

Identity Optimization: 

All the personal information linked to your reports will be monitored so  that no identity theft or fraud is being committed under your name.

Aside from that, they will also correct any information that you need to be updated such as your name, your previous addresses, your former employers, and the like.

Risk-Free Cancellation: 

Finally, Ovations refund policy that states if at any time, they failed to provide you of the services that you and Ovation have agreed upon, you are free to cancel your membership, and you will not pay any charges for that current month.

Ovation Credit report repair reviews

How Much Does Ovation Credit Services Cost?

How much you end up hiring the Ovation company for depends on the service tier you choose. They have two tiers of service, and each one charges a monthly fee.






Starting 30 Days After the First Work Fee





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What Do Past Clients Have to Say About Ovation Credit Services?

Here’s the deal: no matter how efficient a credit repair company is, they won’t be able to provide you with the exact details of the results you can expect.

Each case is different, and so are the results. 

Hence, we’ve decided to scour the internet, across multiple platforms in order to learn more about the performance of the company based on the testimonials of their past clients.

And these are what we have found:

ovation credit services reviews
ovation credit services

How Does Ovation By LendingTree Compare to Other Credit Repair Services?

I’m not here to convince you how awesome Ovation Credit Services are or how great they are as a company. I’m just here to give you an honest review of Ovation Credit Services.

That’s why aside from Ovation, here are two other credit repair services that you might want to check out as well.

Lexington Law

Much like Ovation, Lexington Law is a credit repair company that seeks to correct inaccurate and questionable items on your credit report.

The one thing that really sets them apart from others, though, is that they’re a law firm as well. That means lawyers themselves are going to handle your account.

That said, they can help you take care of the legal area of your credit issues, such as sending out cease-and-desist letters to credit bureaus and lending companies that harass you with an endless barrage of debt collectors. 

Sounds pretty neat, right?

Ovation Credit vs Lexington Law

Here’s a quick bullet point comparison between Ovation and Lexington:
  • Cost: Ovation: $69.00 to $99.00 per month; Lexington: $89.95 to $129.95 per month.
  • Hassle-Free Cancellation: Ovation: Yes; Lexington: Yes
  • Score Analysis and Tracker: Ovations: Yes; Lexington: Yes
  • Notifications: Ovation: Yes, but not specified; Lexington: Yes
  • Mobile App: Ovation: No; Lexington: Yes


To be honest, Ovation and CreditRepair.com have a lot in common when it comes to analyzing credit reports. For starters, both of them have an online educational portals.

There are two main differences worth mentioning, though, and they are:

  1. CreditRepair.com has an app that allows you to access all of your information via mobile, meaning CreditRepair.com sends out TransUnion credit report notifications via email and SMS.
  2. The information regarding the notifications that they send out is more detailed.

Ovation Credit Services vs CreditRepair.com:

  • Cost: Ovation: $69.00 to $99.00 per month; CreditRepair.com: $99.95 per month.
  • Hassle-Free Cancellation: Ovation: Yes; CreditRepair.com: Yes
  • Score Analysis and Tracker: Ovation: Yes; CreditRepair.com: Yes
  • Notifications: Ovation: Yes, but not specified; CreditRepair.com: Yes
  • Mobile App: Ovation: No; CreditRepair.com: Yes
Which company do you see yourself hiring?
ovation credit services vs lexington law

Ovation Credit Services Review: Final Thoughts

We can stumble along the way in life, and that’s okay. We can take a wrong turn, make an uninformed decision.

A lot of things can go wrong. But should our mistakes haunt us for the rest of our lives? No. I know how it feels having a denied loan or missing an opportunity that can mold how my future can look.  

Lenders, creditors and collections agencies can make mistakes too. 

Ovation credit services can help remove and/or correct those mistakes and improve your credit score while doing it.

Aside from correcting those mistakes, their educational portal is also a great help in ensuring that we don’t stumble down that road again. Call the phone number for more info- its free.

Ovation Credit Services
  • Credit Repair Services


  • They provide an easy-to-understand four-step credit repair process.
  • They have a credit repair education center filled with instructional articles about financial literacy.
  • They go beyond just credit repair. Aside from the education center, they also offer services that protect your information and monitor your credit report. Don’t worry since we are going to talk about their services in more detail later.
James Willaims

Hey There, James here. I am the co-founder and editor of this site. I have over 10 years experience in business and 5 in the credit repair world