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101 Personal Finance Blogs! Yes, there are that many out there 

There's actually more, and more being created everyday. We collected the best personal financial blogs for different generations, situations, marital statuses and gender. So much so that categorizing them all became pointless because they intersect in many ways. 

Initially, we were breaking the blogs in sections like "Personal finance blogs for 50 somethings" or "Personal finance blogs for 30 somethings" but then we realized that finance blogs for 50 year olds were focused on retiring like TheRetirementAnswerMan (makes sense, right?).

It does make sense, but, the way the world has been for the past decade or more, people have been trying to retire earlier or not even get a  J O B to retire from - those people may like SideHustleNation or MyWifeQuitHerJob.

Then we started breaking it down further for couples finance blogs and family finance blogs- as you can imagine, that made things even more confusing. 

Theres even a few for personal finance blogs for teens (only one made the list- TeensGotCents). There are finance blogs just for women like GirlsJustWantToHaveFunds.....

My Point!?

​I kept some of the sections titles just to make navigation a tad easier. They all aren't under a category. I suggest you use you keyboard to search a keyword. For example: On MacBook Pro the buttons are "Command + F", then you'd type in "retire" and the word "retire" will be highlighted everywhere.

I also got some of my favorite bloggers to share some advice or their favorite quote. I hope your financial goals come true this year!

When we put this list together, we wanted to rank each site. A quarter of the way through we realized that the site we picked are too versatile to be ranked against each other. We could have went with "who has the most visitors" per month OR "who makes the most money" but thats not helpful to the reader- YOU! Many of these sites make less than the other. That doesn't mean their information won't change your financial and personal life. If we ranked them Nerdwallet would not be #101.

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#1 The Penny Hoarder – But Actually Hoard Twenties Instead

Full of personal stories and must-stop-immediately habits, The Penny Hoarder looks at unique solutions that you may not have tried to save money. (Though maybe you thought of it just didn't get that desperate yet?)

Categories like life, deals, and food – the most important – cover options across the board. You'll be able to find something that fits your lifestyle.

personal finance blogs 2019

#2 Get Rich Slowly – Every Person's Dream

But really, if you are looking to continuously build your finances to have a nice nest egg in the future, Get Rich Slowly has high quality content.

Now offering vlogs (yes, video blogs), this site shows you everything from refinancing your student loans to retiring young. With over ten years of posts, you'll soon become a personal finance expert.

#3 Money Crashers Strike Again

Not just limited to saving, Money Crashers breaks down finance in an easy to understand way.

This blog offers reviews of credit cards, banks, and more so you can find the best tools for saving.

You can also find articles on promising technology and how it will affect the economy and your savings.

#4 Breaking - Money Talks News but Nobody Listens

You should be listening to the tips and tricks offered by Money Talks News. Whether you want to save, borrow, or make more money, they have plenty to say.

And if you want to travel frugally, they have an abundance of articles that let you get the most out of life while spending the least.

personal finance blogs 2018
best personal finance blogs
best personal finance blogs

#5 Shhh. Hear that? Listen, Money Matters

If you didn't know already, money is significant for lots of reasons. Listen Money Matters wants to help you come out on top with financial success.

They offer a great community section to exchange ideas, as well as an educational podcast.

Tie in the fantastic toolbox of resources, and you'll be in charge of your finances in no time.

The Bloggers: Andrew & Matt

Talk Finance To Me:

"Pay yourself first. Putting money into savings or an investment account is just as important as paying your bills.

Too often people only plan to save whatever money is left over at the end of the month which is sometimes nothing. Make your financial future a priority."

"Pay yourself first. Putting money into savings or an investment account is just as important as paying your bills." - Listen Money Matters

Best personal finance blog 2019

#6 Good Financial Cents

Saving money is just common cents. But for other financial tips, Good Financial Cents offers "dos and don’ts" for 401Ks, credit, student loans, and more.

Explaining investments in a simple language, you'll be able to take the next steps to improve your finances.

You can even listen to podcasts in the car to maximize your money saving time.

Staying up-to-date on the latest in finances and studies,  offers insightful information on why some people are successful at saving while others are not. 

Understanding your habits can be an essential part of changing them. The posts are always education and very interesting.
best personal finance blogs
best personal finance blogs

Best Personal Finance Blogs For 20 Somethings and Post College

#7 Eco-Friendly Savings

You don't have to be in your 20s to reap the rewarding knowledge from 20 Something Finance.

This blog gets fired up about financial independence, money hacks, and reducing consumption for a healthier bank account and a healthier earth.

While all the holistic lifestyle changes may not work for you, you'll find plenty of money saving advice.

personal finance and business blogs

#8 Introducing Marvel's Next Movie: Student Loan Hero

Student Loan Hero is a college-focused blog that provides info such as grocery shopping tips, consolidating debt, even information for international students. You can learn how to balance class and extra income on the side.

This blog isn't just about college and student loans. There is quality information on money and life after college.

personal finance blogs for 50 somethings
personal finance blogs for 20 somethings

#9 The College Investor: Investing in Your Future

Overwhelmed with finances during college? The College Investor gives valuable information on how to survive college without going broke.

Plus, after college, they walk you through how to handle student loans.

Learn how credit works and other critical financial tips that will set you up in the future.

Personal Finance Blogs For 30 Somethings

#10 Money Under 30 – and No It's Not Referring to Your Savings

Focusing on money issues that occur in your 20s, Money Under 30 holds valuable information for any age.

Looking to purchase a home, a car, how to invest, get credit under control, or working towards paying off debt, this blog offers up-to-date solutions on the things that all generations experience.

best personal finance blogs

#11 Take Notes, Class Has Begun

Millennial Money Man focuses on college graduates struggling with student debt. Having paid off $40,000 in two years on a teacher's salary, this author knows what he's talking about. Now he runs the blog full-time and helps others battle financial troubles.

personal finance blogs for 30 somethings

#12 Welcome to Side Hustle Nation

Having one job is so last season. Side Hustle Nation is an excellent guide for those looking to increase income and embrace freedom.

If you want a quick new income stream or are looking to build a less traditional business, there are plenty of articles to get you started.

The Blogger: Nick Loper

business finance blogs 2019

Talk Finance To Me:

There are only 2 ways to get rich: make more, or desire less - Nick Loper 

best personal finance blogs 2019

#13 Making Sense of Cents and Other Puns

Making Sense of Cents is a personal finance and lifestyle blog that works to help others deal with student loans and find alternative forms of income.

If you're looking to start a blog to make money, this blog will walk you through the steps and offer tips on how to save in the meantime.

top personal finance blogs

top personal finance blogs 2019

#14 Undress Your Finances with Budgets Are Sexy

Budgets Are Sexy is a "cool" blog run by J. Money. He works at getting topics out in the open and encourages talking about finances.

Read about side hustles, early retirement, and budgets and become confident in your finances. And confidence, according to J. Money, equals sexy.

best personal finance blogs 2017

#15 Oblivious Investor (is that you?)

An author of several finance books, the guy who runs Oblivious Investor is a kind soul trying to get information out to the rest of us floundering around.

From beginners to seasoned investors, this blog gives step-by-step instructions on how to invest and why. It also answers reader's questions on relatable topics.

best personal finance blogs 2017

#16 Don't Look a Credit Donkey in the Mouth

Credit Donkey works as a website to compare credit card deals and give general financial education.

While companies do sponsor them, the blog is very clear about this. And they still provide valuable feedback on what cards are available all in one place.

best personal finance blogs 2018

#17 MoneyNing 

Be a save-bot and follow MoneyNing for coupons, frugal living, promo codes and more. Spend less in the right places or follow the "Investing 101" section to learn how to manage your finances.

Articles incorporate life and finances while empowering you to make the right decisions for the lifestyle you want.

#18 No Physical Training with PT Money

Seek the knowledge of Philip Taylor, aka PT, which will bring you financial independence. PT Money gives ways to make extra money while seeking freedom from the 9-5 job.

The blog is full of resources for saving, checking credit, and more. You can read the blog or listen to the regularly posted podcasts.

#19 Afford Anything but Buy Nothing

Or so I imagine the saying goes. Actually, Afford Anything's motto is "You can't afford everything, but you can afford anything."

Centering on real estate and making money with properties, you can also get great advice on how to increase income and reach your goals. If you're working on income properties, this is a must read blog.

#20 Check Out All This Modest Money I'm Making

Looking for a place that does it all? Modest Money offers financial advice, tips on investing, things to consider with credit, and more. They also provide significant resources to educate yourself further about finances.

And if you're interested in cryptocurrency, they provide plenty of articles on that topic as well.

#21 Rodeo's Coming to Town for Debt Roundup

A blog started as a personal testimony of someone who got caught up in credit card debt; Debt Roundup explains how you can come out on top too.

This blog also offers free tools that assist you in managing your money. Not only can you become debt free, but learn how to invest money smartly also.

#22 The Doctor of Credit is In

And they are making house calls. Doctor of Credit focuses on your credit, how to understand it and how to bring it up to a happy, healthy number.

Articles on this blog also go over different credit card options and bank accounts that work best for your lifestyle and improving your credit.

best personal finance blogs 2019

#23 Saving Advice, the Advice I'll Always Take

The blog Saving Advice was built as a community to promote a healthy understanding of money rather than a fear of it. Information that supports control over personal finance includes debt reduction, investing, and how to save money.

You can converse in forums or review other member's blogs, so your finance knowledge is unlimited.

The Blogger: Amanda Stewart 

best finance blogs

Talk Finance To Me:

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work." 

When you are dealing with your own personal finances, things can often get discouraging. You'll be ready to give up on your savings goal after the fifth Friday night at home.

The key to success is being determined and keeping your eye fixed on your goals. 

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work." - Amanda Stewart

most popular personal finance blogs

#24 Are You Jealous of My Well Kept Wallet?

Between reviews, paying off debt, making money, and saving money, Well Kept Wallet has all bases covered.

Articles discuss topics like new homes, school loans, and how to enjoy life on a cheap budget. This blog is all about living frugally without sacrificing style.

personal finance blogs for 40 somethings

#25 Mad Scientist? More like Mad Fientist

Okay, it sounds like a stretch, but the tips offered by Mad Fientist have some strength to them. Look at the science of financial independence and have articles and podcasts point you in the right direction.

Use their "laboratory instruments" to track your finances and understand your money situation.

best personal finance blogs 2016

#26 My Wife Quit Her Job, and All I Got Was This T-Shirt

Follow the story of the Chou family and learn how their finances changed by opening an online store. My Wife Quit Her Job is a blog that promotes taking control of your finances and gives you the tools needed to reach that goal.

While it focuses on small businesses, there is also valuable personal finance information you can access.

The Blogger: Steve Chou

best investment blogs

Our Favorite Quote:

"Doesn’t matter if the glass is half-empty or half-full. All that matters is that you are the one pouring the water.”

Talk Finance To Me:

"Doesn’t matter if the glass is half-empty or half-full. All that matters is that you are the one pouring the water.”  This quote is my mantra.  

When it comes to making money based decisions, I like to be the one in control.  

I like to understand every aspect of my investments. Make sure you do your own homework and understand where your money is going.

Make sure you do your own homework and understand where your money is going - Steve Chou

best personal finance blogs 2019

#27 What Does the Fox Say?

If it's a money-saving fox, it could be Squawkfox. This blog is full of personality and answers to all your financial questions. The author attends expos and provides meal-planning templates all so you don't have to do the hard work.

Utilize the tools and read about the money saving tips and you have everything you need to improve your wealth.

#28 Become a Rock Star of Finance

More like Hall of Fame, Rockstar Finance links to other helpful blogs while also offering useful articles to take control of your finances.

You can find personal testimonies and current events that relate to making and saving money. They even share their favorite money oriented phone apps, so you can be mobile and make money.

#29 Retire by 40 – Check the Box

You hear more and more stories about people retiring early, and you want that option too. Retire by 40 provides the tools and information you need to plan early retirement.

Having passive income gives you financial freedom and independence to enjoy life as you wish. This blog makes that goal a reality.

#30 Never Gonna Quit Investor Junkie

If you're going to get addicted to something, it should be making money, right? Investor Junkie sets you up with the knowledge you need to become an investor king.

They've reviewed the best-automated investment services and personal finance software so all the hard work is done. You just have to start making money.

#31 Up Next, Man vs Debt

Make yourself the clear winner when it comes to Man vs Debt. Learn unique techniques to handle your debt and innovative way to sell what you don't need so you can have the experiences you want.

This blog uses personal experiences to point you in the right direction while encouraging you to take control of your debt.

#32 Find Your Financial Mentor

This personal finance blog offers a wealth building Toolbox. Financial Mentor has a book, 52-week email course, and audio education centered on making and saving money.

Investing, retirement, building wealth, and general financial advice is at your fingertips. And if you want to take the next step, bring a financial coach into the situation.

The Blogger: Todd Tresidder

best investment blogs

Talk Finance To Me:

There's no magic to wealth. It's governed by math and common sense. It's the compound growth of your personal and financial capital. Create a personalized plan based on proven principles that actually lead to wealth using both the traditional planning model and the advanced planning framework.

Once you have that plan then take persistent action implementing it until you achieve your goal. Correct and adjust by assessing how much of your time is spent pursuing leveraged growth versus low leverage alternatives and that will tell you how long it will take for you to reach your goal.

There's no magic to wealth. It's governed by math and common sense. It's the compound growth of your personal and financial capital - Todd Tresidder

best personal finance blogs 2018
personal finance blogs uk

#33 What's My Money is My Money

My Money Blog tells the story of a man looking to better himself and his family by increasing their financial independence and educating himself and others.

Learn his money secrets and follow the decision he continues to make and feel inspired to take control of your personal finances. Whether it's making extra money or early retirement, you can find the tips you need.

Personal Finance Blogs For Moms And Families

#34 Here to Save the Day: Money Saving Mom

Or dad. The tips provided by Money Saving Mom are helpful for anyone looking to save money. Daily posts offer coupon codes, budget examples, and how-tos on starting your money-making blog.

Feel inspired by the content and find multiple areas in your life to benefit from the author's financial wisdom.

financial advice for 30 somethings

personal finance blogs for 20 somethings

#35 The Name's Woods, Frugalwoods

The Frugalwoods are a couple that document the details it took to reach financial freedom.

See the steps they took to manage money and create their dream life and grow their family, all frugally. Look at gorgeous pictures and get inspired by personal stories while you create your own savings plan.

#36 Stay-at-Home-Mom is a Full-Time Job

What Mommy Does is a fantastic blog intended to encourage stay-at-home-moms. Offering resources, sharing stories, and telling it like it is, this blog mixes money and life.

You can find plenty of templates (meal planning, budgeting, etc.) and valuable insight into family finances for all family sizes.

#37 The Diary of a Frugal Family

Follow the personalized story of a family looking to spend more time together and the blog that blossomed from it.

The Diary of a Frugal Family offers a free monthly budget planner, ways to save, and how to be frugal with food – including meal planning. There are even articles on how to spend less at Christmas without missing out on the experience.

personal finance blogs india

#38 Penny Pinchin' Mom

A fantastic all-in-one blog, Penny Pinchin’ Mom covers finances across the spectrum. Use the Coupons & Deals section for help sticking to your budget. Also, check out the Recipes & DIY to save money and feel accomplished. Or read about her budget tips and recommendations on how to stay out of debt.

The Blogger: Tracie Fobes

personal finance blogs

Talk Finance To Me:

Try using cash. While plastic is more convenient, it can often lead to overspending.  

However, when you use cash, you can't spend too much as its impossible.  When you are out of money, you are doing shopping.

Try using cash. While plastic is more convenient, it can often lead to overspending. However, when you use cash, you can't spend too much as it's impossible.  When you are out of money, you are doing shopping - Tracie Fobes

personal finance blogs 2019

#39 Search for the Cure

The blog, Disease Called Debt, follows the author's story of repaying over $60,000 of debt. Other debt success stories are praised and offer hope as you work through your struggles.

Hearing the different ways to overcome debt can help you find the best tools for your situation.

#40 Frugal Rules and Cats Drool

Looking at debt, tax tips, investing tools, budgeting guides, and more, Frugal Rules provides plenty of resources to assist with your finances. And the articles focus on promoting independence and financial freedom.

There's information to help beginners as well as people more experienced in saving money.

best investments for 30 somethings

#41 Here She Comes, Miss Mellennia Magazine

This broad blog covers careers, relationships, lifestyle, and of course, finance. Miss Mellennia Magazine talks about loans and gives reliable information on real estate.

You can also learn about side hustles to bring in more cash flow. There are plenty of videos and articles to get you on your way.

how to manage money in your 30s

#42 Your New Go-To: Shopping Kim

Looking for a blog that gives you money saving advice without cutting out your style? Shopping Kim offers budget décor, frugal weekend adventures, and tips to find deals.

You can also pick up valuable information on how to deal with bad credit history, as well as unique side-hustles to increase your passive income.

#43 Millennial Money – Enough to Buy All the Avocado Toast You Want

If you've been on the web lately, you can always find an article tearing down Millennials. Here's a blog devoted to building them up, and their money.

Millennial Money focuses on current ways to help your financial health, leaving the old culture behind. As a community, learn about side hustles, house hacking, early retirement and how to make and save money.

#44 Money Tips and Tricks

Moneytips is an excellent stop for information on money, but they offer so much more. You can talk to financial professionals online or find one near you.

You can use planners to organize your mortgage, retirement, and credit. You can even compare rates, all through the same blog.

The Blogger: Jeff Hoyt

personal finance blogs

Talk Finance To Me:

Don't just get a free credit score. Check out your credit report and get credit monitoring for free as well to protect yourself from identity theft. - Jeff Hoyt 

personal finance blogs for 30 somethings

#45 There's a Monster in My Piggy Bank

Looking for a new area to make some more money? Monster Piggy Bank has plenty of ways to add change to your stash.

This blog aims a lot of focus on businesses and trading stocks, especially in forex. If this is an area you're interested in, the author is excellent at explaining how to make money and understand the foreign exchange market.

#46 Are You Ready to be Rich?

Who isn't? That's why Ready to Be Rich offers easy ways to track your money, including what mobile apps to use. There are also articles on habits to pick up and habits to leave behind on your journey to wealth.

Add in quality information on global stocks and currencies, and you'll be more than ready to be rich.

#47 Afford the Life You Want

Stafanie O'Connell understands there are things you want in life and those things have a price tag.

Her blog focuses on millennials and how money interacts with life. Her goal is to have you develop rich habits to continue growing your wealth while getting out of debt.

#48 A Nobody Who Saves Money

Len Penzo Dot Com takes personal stories of frugal people and shares them with other like-minded individuals – or wannabes. You can learn the tips and tricks that have worked for some. And if that style doesn't hit it with you, on to the next article. With enough practice, you'll be sharing your own story.

#49 Don't Be Such a Smartasset

Smartasset breaks finances down. And then breaks it down further. Seriously, you'll get lost just browsing the menu. But all that knowledge leads to specific answers.

Interested in retirement by state? This blog has your answers. Best credit card for travel/rewards/balance/cash back? Wonder no longer.

Learn the specifics and feel confident in your financial future.

financial goals for your 40s

#50 Lazy Man and Money: My Kind of Savings

You want to save money and make money, but you're not the "go get ‘em" type. Lazy Man and Money starts with your thoughts. Read the information, gather the education and then form the game plan that works for you.

The concept of the blog is to make your money work, so you don't have to.

#51 Everything Finance and MORE!

Well, the title pretty much covers it. Everything Finance covers all money areas you could imagine. Credit scores, personal loans, and even CD rates (and not the CDs you use in your car).

This blog includes excellent resources to turn to as you learn more than you ever need.

Personal Finance Blogs For Couples

#52 Milk it All it's Worth

Cash Cow Couple is the success story of a couple deep in debt willing to share how they came out on top.

Looking to live the minimalist lifestyle? Get tips on how to thrive with just $1,000 a month. Find your financial freedom and grow your credit.

And of course, connect with the community and follow the couple as they continue to live happily and frugally ever after.

The Bloggers: Vanessa & Jacob Lumby

Talk Finance To Me:

Our best advice is to build your human capital when you are young so you can earn more money over your lifetime.

That might mean getting an advanced degree, becoming an expert in a field, or learning a trade.

Then, once you are earning good money, make saving and investing your priorities.  

build your human capital when you are young so you can earn more money over your lifetime - Vanessa & Jacob Lumby

this is how your finances should look in your 40s

#53 Talk About Money

Disagreement on money causes problems for many relationships and is a significant contributor to why people get divorced. Couple Money targets couples and teaches how to talk about money without instigating a fight. No matter where you are in a relationship, you can find realistic advice that improves your communication and your finances.

#54 The Smaller, the Better

In all these blogs, the Tiny House has yet to make an appearance. Worry no more; Two Cup House talks about going from hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to a 536-square-foot-house. Due to a frugal attitude and attention to detail, the debt was paid off in two years, and the knowledge and experience are available for you.

best investment strategy for 35 year old

#55 Just Days Away

With a goal to retire in 1,500 Days, a blog was born. The idea was to celebrate fifteen years of marriage debt free and ready to live. The couple involved with the blog was successful and continues to post tips on how to live and grow your wealth. Details and humor make for entertaining education of finances.

#56 Yours, Mine, Ours

Combing incomes once your married can be a struggle, especially when one person comes with a lot of debt. That's the situation with His & Hers Money. The authors realized this happens to many other couples and decided to share their experience. They also use YouTube videos as a way to spread the knowledge.

personal finance blogs for 20 somethings

#57 Find Your Motivation

Cause needing to pay rent isn't enough. Monevator works to bring inspiration to those who want to take the next step in investing.

It's a personal blog that uses multiple approaches to saving, making and growing money. The surprise twist? Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. But don't worry, they'll tell you how.

#58 Three Thrifty Guys

What's better than one expert's advice? Three experts! A designer, IT professional, and an ESL teacher connect you with money. Sounds like a sitcom.

Three Thrifty Guys is all about putting more money in your wallet. They share their own experiences in the financial world and love to get feedback from their readers.

#59 Fighting for Financial Freedom

The Military Wallet is a niche blog focused on helping veterans with their finances. Using podcasts and blog posts, you can find places that offer military discounts, information on taxes, and how to maneuver through the complicated world of VA disability.

It's quality information all in one place for previous and current military members.

#60 Catch a Falling Dollar and Put it in Your Pocket

A blog centered on saving options and utilizing coupons, Pocket Your Dollars is excellent for everyday possibilities or larger plans and purchases.

Efficiently organized, you can browse your favorite stores and search by topic for exactly what you want to save on. There are always plenty of deals and even some freebies.

#61 Money Smart Guides

With today's access to the Internet, investing has grown into a new monster. Money Smart Guides is a blog that walks you through the tricky parts of finances.

Explaining how to start investing, how to pay off debt, how to build wealth and retire well, there's no topic they can't teach.

The Blogger: Jon Dulin

Talk Finance To Me:

Stop and think before you buy anything. Advertisers are good at getting us emotionally hooked on items, so we buy without thinking and then regret the purchase. This leads to a lot of wasted money.

If you just stop and think before you buy things, you can avoid this trap and save a lot of money. To make it work best, wait at least a day to see if you still want the item.

 You'll be surprised at how many times you realize you don't really need the item you thought you did.

Wait at least a day to see if you still want the item. You'll be surprised at how many times you realize you don't really need the item you thought you did.- Jon Dulin

#62 Welcome to the Lend Academy

Want to know more about cybercrime and how AI is affecting money? Lend Academy it here to educate.

You'll find plenty of articles related to money as well as the latest news in the financial world. But the forum that Lend Academy runs is genuinely beneficial. Post questions and interact with others looking to make some money.

this is how your finances should look in your 50s

#63 Be Anyone You Want

My Alternate Life was created by a millennial blogger working to escape school debt and everything that came with it.

The author admits getting out of debt wasn't easy, but only five years later, there are plenty of articles on how to go from making ends meet to having a healthy emergency fund.

#64 Bow to the Financial Samurai

Slicing through money's mysteries, Financial Samurai goes even deeper into the world of riches.

Looking at habits of millionaires and uncovering secrets of skewed financial reports, you can learn what you need about buying a car, purchasing a house, and preparing for retirement.

personal finance and business blogs

#65 Free Money? Sign Me Up

Financial independence comes from confidence in your money habits. Free Money Finance explains investing strategies and how to grow your wealth with multiple income streams.

The easy-to-navigate site links you to the newsletter and other social media platforms to help keep you on top of your finances.

#66 Beauty in Simplicity

Interested in taking your busy life and creating a simple, financially stable future? Cait Flanders started by working through debt and found the minimalist life.

Learn how to budget and be mindful of your expenses while looking at breathtaking photos. Use Cait's experience as inspiration to be aware of your financial habits.

#67 I Mustache You a Question

Looking for education reading that's also entertaining? Mr. Money Mustache gives a fun twist on money hacks.

Stepping away from the "hard work" concept, this blog encourages you to enjoy life while cutting out all the waste. What waste do you ask? Read one of the over 400 articles to learn where to start.

best business finance blogs

#68 What to Do with Money After Graduation

Congrats! You've graduated. Now what? Read Money After Graduation to learn specific tips that are helpful when dealing with student loan. There are also many articles focused on young business professionals and how to reach your financial goals.

Take advantage of the workshops and e-courses available for more in-depth knowledge.

#69 Calculate Your Daily Worth

While your worth is priceless, being aware of your financial situation is the first step in making a change. Daily Worth works to empower women and money. Whether you are running a business, building a career, or focusing on saving money while living life, there are tips for all areas.

personal finance blogs for millennials

#70 Savings for All

Easy to browse, Money Girl has quality knowledge on retirement, investing, and credit. There is advice for every moment in life. From buying a house to saving for college for your children, Money Girl makes you think without feeling overwhelmed.

And if you like her blog, she has multiple books that encourage smart finances.

#71 Just the Basics

Cash Money Life tells it like it is. A blog with to-the-point articles, you'll find an array of topics that go into detail while keeping things simple.

On the more technical side, you can learn about Roth IRA and the best brokerage accounts. There's also plenty of knowledge on how to start investing and how to handle your credit.

best personal finance blogs for millennials

#72 Rolling in the Dough

Positive, inspiring articles, comparisons of accounts and cards, and a free weekly newsletter, Dough Roller has everything you need to take control of your finances.

Browse the tools they offer for multiple categories such as budgeting, investing, real estate, and more. They also have an educational yet entertaining podcast.

millennial personal finance

#73 Savings AND Puns!

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds has puns and money. Inspired by strong women in her life, the author works to empower girls (and anyone else looking to take control of their finances).

From tips of being a homeowner, to ways to fix past mistakes, this blog even talks about bitcoin. All your topics are covered, and you walk away feeling the girl power.

millennial personal finance 2018

#74 Work Hard, Rest When Dead

Early retirement continues to peak interest with people unhappy with their current jobs. Is it easy? No. But Early Retirement Extreme makes it doable.

Collect real-life tips on how to reach the simple living and save up for early retirement. This blog also hosts guest posts, so you get plenty of feedback on how others make it a reality.

#75 Knock Some Cents Into You

The Centsible Life targets helping women financially, but anyone can benefit from the advice. You can read the money-focused articles that talk about what checking account to choose or how to finance a wedding. Or enjoy the more personal posts by the author. There are overlapping topics as well, like food, fashion, and health.

#76 Guidance Through Finance

Wealth Pilgrim has articles that answer specific questions and give easy to follow advice. Find out who has access to your credit report, or learn if driving for Uber is worth your time.

And if you don't see your question already answered, submit to the author and get some quality input.

#77 Back to Grade School

Give Me Back My Five Bucks has more quality and mature content than you'd initially think. The author fought through the debt of being a shopaholic and shares her thoughts and experiences from planning a wedding to paying off a debt of $20,000 in a year. Get your financial issues out in the open and prepare to become debt free.

#78 Life Hacks are Good, but Wallet Hacks are Better

Wallet Hacks covers most aspects of money. Credit card reviews, investing information, student loan secrets and just general money tips, there's plenty to learn from this blog.

They also offer a free newsletter with access to a money toolbox that will have to set up to get ahead financially.

The Bloggers: Jim Wang

Talk Finance To Me:

One of my favorite quotes is from Peter Drucker - "What gets measured get managed." 

If you want to manage your money, you need to start measuring it.

Set and track a budget, monitor your net worth, and keep an eye on your investments.

Set and track a budget, monitor your net worth, and keep an eye on your investments.- Jim Wang

how to manage money in your 30s

#79 Wandering Around

The same author as the blog above, The Frugal Wanderer shares how to travel cheaply without sacrificing experience. Comparing Air B&Bs to hotels and hostels, she answers all your travelling on budget questions.

And feel inspired to travel by checking out the photo gallery.

#80 Northern Cheapskate

In need of debt and credit relief? Northern Cheapskate provides fantastic resources for both, as well as advice on how to save more money. And part of saving money is learning to DIY. Find tips on how to get freebies and homemade gift ideas. There are options for all seasons and holidays.

#81 Grow Your Financial Garden

Times are changing. Planting Money Seeds recognizes what used to be the norm is changing. Learn how to increase your finances with working-from-home tips. Educate yourself with detailed information on how to have a home business. And embrace the digital age and learn more about cryptocurrencies.

#82 First Rule of Fight Club – Punch Debt in the Face

The author of Punch Debt in the Face relates his story to keep things about "personal" finance. Observe his detailed income vs expenses to understand how others handle money and where you can cut back individually. Content is broken down, explained, and given pros and cons so you merely have to make your decisions.

#83 Little House on the Prarie

Want to take control of your finances and live a greener life? Being eco-friendly doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Prairie Eco-Thrifter combines personal finance and living sustainably. And there is a fantastic community to share ideas and engage with while learning how others accomplish the same goals.

#84 Keep Your Money Clean

Nobody wants to be on the wrong side of the IRS, and you can't talk about finances without talking about taxes. Don’t Mess with Taxes covers a variety of scenarios and what to do. They also have a section about tax tips and the different laws that go along.

#85 Living the Money Smart Life

The author of Money Smart Life was interested in finances since he was a kid. He uses that passion and the knowledge he's gained to help you work on your relationship with money.

The in-depth articles are very educational, and he gives tips on how to incorporate the whole family into participating with finances.

investing advice for 20 year olds

#86 Until the Cows Come Home

Moolanomy addresses making money, spending money, investing money, and more. Learn how to track and improve your credit along with tax-deductible options you may not know.

There are multiple featured authors, so you get various perspectives on the topics. And a reader Q&A covers any areas not previously discussed.

#87 Born Free, Free as the Wind Blows

Change the paycheck-to-paycheck story into one of financial freedom. Free From Broke covers a variety of topics related to money.

 Take advantage of the goal-setting strategies and simple to follow steps.

Learn everything you need to know about investing and taxes so nothing comes up as a surprise.

investing advice for 30 year olds

#88 The Retirement Answer Man

If you're young, you probably aren't thinking about your retirement, but you should be. And if you're older, you're probably thinking it's too late.

Enter The Retirement Answer Man. Rather than worry about calculations; find out what matters when it comes to retirement.

Posts, book, or podcast, there are multiple ways to educate yourself with this blog.

investing advice for 40 year olds

#89 Introducing, the Budgetnista

From books to blogs, to seminars, workshops, events and more, the Budgetnista prepares you to take a long hard look at your money and make changes for the better.

Sign up for free challenges or interact with the community. If you aren't ready to dive right in, educate yourself with the in-depth articles.

investing advice for college graduates

#90 Why Yes, I Do Make Lots of Money

Who better to take financial advice from than a Wealthy Accountant? This blog starts with changing your mindset and ends with growing your finances. Participate in the forum or browse an array of categories and have access to complicated material broken down easily to understand.

#91 Saving Money with Sparkles

Want the frugal life but don't want to give up your lifestyle? Frugal Beautiful combines finance, beauty, and experience so you can afford the growth you want.

Check out the financial foundations or the section with tons of articles on how to get out of debt. Take control of your money without compromising who you are.

The Blogger: Shannyn Allan

Talk Finance To Me:

You can have a beautiful life on any budget with a little bit of craftiness and a little bit of inspiration! - Shannyn Allan

personal finance blogs reddit

#92 This Girl is on Fire

Ignite your passion for finance! Entrepreneurs On Fire is a combo blog/podcast. Listen to stories of other entrepreneurs to get inspiration for your success.

Then read up on the blog for specific tips or summary notes if you don't have time for a full podcast. 

Promoting business and finance and how to get there, this blog works as an excellent motivator.

best investments for 22 year old
best investments for 25 year old

#93 Teens Got Cents (But Not Sense)

Finances don't have an age limit. Teens Got Cents acknowledges that schools don't prepare people to understand money and be successful in the financial world. Separated into categories, educate yourself on topics like jobs, shopping, college, family, and blogging. The information provided is valuable for anyone at any level of life.

#94 One is the Loneliest Number

Divorce can be expensive, not to mention the transition from two incomes to one. Wealth Single Mommy builds off of the author's personal experience of hitting rock bottom and coming out on top. Single and divorced parents will find the blog informative and encouraging.

retirement savings tips for 25 to 34 year olds

#95 Stay Busy

The Busy Budgeter realizes that when people know what they want, the rest falls into place. But that doesn't mean you don't have to work for it. The author guides you to learn what you want most and how to reach it financially. As a stay-at-home-mom, the author also shares her finances and how to successfully run a blog for money, if that's what you're looking to do.

personal finance 2019

#96 Wise Bread, Serving Size: 1

Be smart with your money by decreasing spending and increasing savings. Sounds easy, but how do you do it? Wise Bread shares knowledge on a variety of topics. Read about home tips and tricks and how to reuse and upcycle as a family. Or perhaps you want to learn the best way to be frugal with your fitness.

#97 Commentary Necessary

Consumerism Commentary is a blog that gives insight into banking, credit cards, and all things money related. Read reviews of financial products are available to browse so you can see what might benefit you. Want to learn more about insurance and the different types? This blog is the place for you.

#98 Every Dollar Counts

Find financial knowledge and power in The Simple Dollar. Breaking things down in an easy-to-understand way, this blog talks about credit cards, different types of loans and other useful everyday topics. They researched credit cards so all you have to do is review the pros and cons, making everything that much easier.

personal finance blogs

#99 Living the Digerati Life

Looking to make finances understandable and accessible, the Digerati Life provides in-depth details to multiple money-related areas. Search the popular categories to find articles on money and health, investment, tax tips, and more.

You can also find valuable information available for entrepreneurs and those self-employed.

#100 Minty Fresh

Ready to save money but looking for the resources to help? Mint helps you create a budget, and then makes suggestions based on how you spend. You can also track bills and create alerts so you'll never miss a payment again. And through it all, follow valuable tips on how to improve your credit, without getting a credit card.

personal finance blogs 2018

#101 It Pays to Be a Nerd

Nerd Wallet is a personal financers dream – plenty of tools, expert advice, and simple steps to guide you as you grow your wealth. They've done the hard part by reviewing financial resources so all you have to do is choose the best fit for you. From credit cards, savings accounts, mortgage, and person loans, you'll be on the fast track to success.

personal finance blogs
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