Putting together a few tactics to raise credit score 20 points quickly is a cinch. 

Unlike a 200 point boost, 20 points can be achieved by choosing to act on these actions points below- alone. 

Still, how quickly this will work does depend on where you start. Also, it depends if you have the resources needed available to you. 

You will need a family member or friend, some time or some money. 

What matters most is that you know the basic rules of the FICO scoring world:
  1. Payment  History accounts for 35% of your credit score
  2. Credit Utilization is 30% of your score
  3. Credit Age (how long has this line of credit been open) makes up for 15%
  4. Diversity of credit lines accounts for 10% (having a mix of revolving and non-revolving credit)
  5. Hard and Soft Inquiries represent another 10%

Once you understand those rules you can actually pick and choose which factor would help you to raise your score the quickest. 

For example: if you know your credit-to-debt ratio is already at 10% then, you want to focus on something else, like Diversifying your credit lines and deleting negative items.

How Can I Raise Credit Score 20 Points Quickly

In order to achieve this small spike quickly, you want to choose a tactic that won’t raise your credit score at all, like to apply for another credit card. 

The hard inquiry alone can drop score temporarily, which defeats your purpose. Same as getting a non-revolving credit line, like a mortgage loan. 

As you can see above, those hard inquiries can drop your score by 10 points.

Still, you want to attack one of the “rules” that affects your credit the most:

  • Payment History (35%)
  • Credit Utilization (30%)

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Payment History: Correct Errors and Dispute 

This can be the easiest way to raise credit score 20 points quickly. Most people’s credit reports are filled with errors and average a 40 point increase. 

Incorrect information needs to be addressed and removed from your credit history for you and for creditors. 

Grab your credit report and scan them for erroneous info: inaccurate names, addresses, amounts, etc.

Getting a few of these knocked off your credit report can easily raise your score a few notches. All it takes is some searching and writing. 

Or, you can hire credit repair professionals to do it for you. They can pull up your credit and begin removing items. 

Also, depending on your financial situation, you can pay down your debts - bring everything current and get your boost there.

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Hire Someone To Deal With The Disputes & More:

A credit repair company can help you remove negative items from your credit report, advise you on the best course of action, monitor your reports, and write those dispute letters on your behalf. 

Here are 3 companies we recommend that provide a Free Consultation. We suggest you call all three to see what they can offer you and compare fees.

Get Consultation From These Credit Repair Companies 

Credit Utilization: Get More Credit Than Debt 

There a few ways you can adjust your credit to debt ratio to reflect a more “stand up” applicant. In this case, your intention is just to raise your FICO score 10 points without spending more money.

  1. Ask For A Credit Increase: Call one (or all) of your credit providers and ask for a credit increase. Clients in good standing will have no issue getting an extra $500 or so, on an existing credit line. 

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  1. Authorized User: Have a friend or family member with good standing credit and good payment history add you as an authorized user one or more of their credit cards. Their credit will then be seen as your credit, therefore increasing your credit to debt ratio and boosting your score. 
  1. Pay down Debt to 10%: Your Credit Utilization Ratio aka Credit-to-debt ration 

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Moving Forward

Take action! Although all credit reports are created differently, they are built under the same laws (listed above). 

And, you have the right to challenge any inaccuracies on your accounts so that the FICO laws are held to a standard.

So, good luck figuring out “how to raise credit score 20 points quickly” and the rest of your credit repair journey. 

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