Why Should I Get A Travel Credit Card? What Are The Benefits?

People should consider getting a travel rewards credit card simply to make your next trip a bit easier to book.


That’s if you like to or have to travel often, otherwise, it’s nice to have but it’s not necessary. And you probably won’t redeem the points you rack up.


The benefits of signing up for a travel rewards card is that most cards take care of big-ticket items like flights and hotels.


So, saving for your next big trip will be a bit simpler.

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should i get a travel credit card


Then there are perks/saving that fewer cards have that travel rewards cards do, like: 

  • Access to an airline lounges

  • Access to golf courses

  • Free bag check-ins

  • Priority boarding

  • Resort Gift Cards

  • No foreign transaction fees

  • Accelerated miles

What are your top three tips for finding the travel rewards credit card that will be best for you?

  1. Read the fine print (not so fun, I know).  Perks are cool and all but the fine print explains how far those perks go. Check if they provide insurance:

    • Lost luggage insurance

    • Travel cancellation insurance (emergencies, not sure if the dates work yet or you’re fickle)

    • Car rental insurance (if you rent cars)


  1. Know your credit score: Before you get excited about all perks, make sure you know your FICO score. Knowing your credit score will help you narrow down the cards you can apply for and be accepted. Also, you will reduce the number of hard inquiries on your report.


  1. Pick a CoBranded Card if you like certain hotels or airlines. I always travel JetBlue (if I can help it) so the JetBlue Mastercard works for me. Maybe your favorite airline or hotel has a card. CoBranded cards give loyalty rewards and if you close one of these cards, oftentimes you can keep your points.


Are There Any Drawbacks To Travel Credit Cards That I Should Consider?

There are only drawbacks if you don’t find the right card for you.


So don’t jump at the shinest card with the hugest signup bonus- the other feature may not be the best for you.


For instance, If you travel once a year you may see a $95 annual fee and think “drawback”. The same won’t be the case for a globetrotter.


They’ll see the annual fee and perks that they want and think “worth it”.

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In Conclusion

So, “should I get a travel credit card”, Yes.

No matter what card you choose, always check what the rewards and how you can redeem and use your cards with purpose.

Oh, and pay your monthly credit card bill on time.

Good Luck!

James Willaims

Hey There, James here. I am the co-founder and editor of this site. I have over 10 years experience in business and 5 in the credit repair world